Invented an electric plane that uses air energy to charge batteries

Polish designer Michal Bonikovski has figured out how to make airplanes a more sustainable mode of transport. He suggested using the energy of the air to charge the batteries of special electric aircraft. The project was named Eather One.

A renowned enthusiast and supporter of revolutionary innovations in aviation, he developed electric aircraft that are powered by air.

The main problem in electric aircraft is the weight of the battery. However, Bonikowski explains that the air itself is “full of electricity, which can be recovered by the friction created by a flying plane.” The designer suggested installing triboelectric nanogenerators in the wings during the flight instead of fuel tanks. Using the structure’s vibration and the friction created by the bending of the wings during flight, they will generate the energy needed to power several small electric motors.

Eather One itself looks like a regular plane if you do not consider the nanogenerators in the design of its wings. Static energy drains from the hull during flight. Mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy.

How can such electricity be used to power aircraft engines in practice? The question remains open. However, Bonikowski is confident that air friction can be the source of clean energy that will reduce aviation’s carbon footprint.

As an industrial designer, I value simplicity and attention to detail because, in the end, there is nothing more. In my life, I strive to be surrounded by people filled with passion and creative hunger, and those who, like me, can go beyond the mold and feel at home.

Michal Bonikowski

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