Invented a system based on twisting threads for work in production

Innopolis University scientists will work with colleagues from the Queen Mary University of London to develop a robotic system, human-machine interface, control system, and a twisting drive system to assist in production. This was reported at Innopolis University.

The NTI Competence Center developers in the direction of “Technologies of Robotics and Mechatronics Components” based on the Innopolis University, which includes the laboratory, proposed to create robotic devices with drives based on twisting threads. We are talking about several thin cables that are twisted by an electric motor.

A new system is being created to work:

  • in production,
  • for carrying heavy loads,
  • for functional rehabilitation of limbs after a stroke.

Such developments will become assistants to workers in the industry, logistics, transportation, and agriculture. This is now in demand because physical labor’s attractiveness is falling, and the requirements for the quality and quantity of products are increasing. Another significant category of the population is the elderly and people with musculoskeletal disorders who need help in everyday life: eating, climbing stairs, carrying objects, and ensuring mobility. A long-term solution to this problem will be wearable robotic systems that can respond to human commands and help him solve the necessary tasks.

Igor Gaponov, Head of the Laboratory of Mechatronics, Control, and Prototyping

As the Innopolis University said, they will be the first in the world to receive the results of a study of human neuromuscular activity during interaction with devices based on twisting drives: based on this data, the development will be optimized.

The authors hope that their work will have a direct impact on the development of the fields of assisting and rehabilitative robotics, as well as human-machine interaction.

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