Interstellar Lab plans to build a “Martian village” in the Mojave Desert

Getting to Mars is one thing, but living there is another. To help astronauts prepare for life on the Red Planet, Paris-based Interstellar Lab plans to establish a network of experimental settlements here on Earth to further explore how humans can live on Mars.

The settlements, dubbed Experimental bio-regenerative stations (EBIOS), will be housed in transparent domes and equipped with regenerative life support technologies. They will be completely self-sufficient.

Over the past few months, Interstellar Lab has worked closely with NASA in a variety of areas, from water purification and plant cultivation systems to 3D printing technologies and analysis of human behavior in a closed environment. Upon completion of construction, one such settlement will be able to provide water, food, and energy to 100 residents.

The complex will be located in the California Mojave Desert. The construction of the first stage is planned to begin in 2021. It is assumed that the object will combine both scientific and tourist functions. One half of the year, the “Martian Village” will function as a research center, the other – to receive tourists.

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