International observers have voiced their versions of the UIA plane crash

International observers express regret about the plane of the Ukrainian airline UIA Boeing 737, which crashed shortly after departure from Tehran. Some of them put forward their versions of the causes of the crash, which contradict the previously stated Iranian data on the technical causes of the tragedy.

Former speaker of the OSCE mission in Ukraine Michael Bociurkiw draws attention to the financial difficulties of the airline UIA oligarch Igor Kolomoyskyi. He also stressed that the plane, which was about 3.5 years old, crashed after four minutes of flight.

British and Canadian political scientist Taras Kuzio believes that an Iranian missile shot down the plane.

“MH-17 again? An Iranian air missile shot down the plane of «International Airlines of Ukraine». On the other hand, is it a coincidence that Iran is at one with Russia, and Putin is just visiting Syria? I don’t believe in coincidences,” he wrote.

The political scientist is also surprised at what Iran can hide by refusing to issue black boxes to Boeing.

BBC transport correspondent Tom Burridge is surprised that after take-off, the plane’s climb was normal, but at an altitude of 2400 meters, the data on the aircraft suddenly disappeared. In his opinion, statements about engine failure are premature. The German columnist Julian Repcke expressed a similar point of view.

The Estonian politician Illimar Lepik supports the version of the missile strike. In his opinion, the information that almost a new plane could crash after takeoff looks improbable.
But not everyone is in a hurry to link the incident with the context of the conflict that has arisen between the US and Iran.

“The disaster on Wednesday coincided with the fact that Iranian forces launched more than a dozen ballistic missiles against two military bases in Iraq, where American troops are stationed. This is a response to the American airstrike that killed the Iranian commander of the elite Quds force. It is not clear how these events are related, but American passenger Airliners were banned from flying over Iran because of the risk that they could be mistaken for a military aircraft,” the Washington Post said in an article.

Leading international media, reporting on the crash, drew attention to the General problem with the model aircraft Boeing 737.

“Boeing is under scrutiny after the crash of two of its 737 Max models in less than five months, during which a total of 346 people were killed. The Max model was recalled in different countries since March, which created a crisis for the company and led to the dismissal of the head,” – said in an article of the American newspaper The New York Times.

Earlier, Ukrainian experts admitted that the tragedy with the Ukrainian plane could be used to unleash a new war in the Middle East.

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