Instead of a debate, Trump and Biden will hold parallel meetings with voters

After the full-time format of a debate between presidential candidates was changed to virtual, Trump refused to participate in them.

WASHINGTON – After is scheduled for Thursday pre-election debate of Republican President Donald Trump and his rival, former Democrat Vice President Joe Biden has been canceled. The candidates decided to hold parallel meetings with voters in the format of questions and answers.

NBC News reported that it would broadcast Trump’s meeting with voters on Thursday evening, held in Miami, Florida.

ABC News has previously scheduled a broadcast of the meeting with Biden, which will be held at the same time in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Florida and Pennsylvania are the key “swing states” for both candidates in the November 3 election.

By how many viewers will watch the broadcast of a particular meeting, it will be possible to judge (although this has no scientific basis) which of the candidates is preferred by the voters.

Nearly 12 million Americans have already taken part in early voting in most US States. Many voted early because of increased interest in the campaign, while others wanted to avoid long lines on election day and personal contact with other voters during the coronavirus pandemic.

The two candidates were expected to meet face-to-face on Thursday evening. But Trump abandoned the debate after the independent Commission on presidential debates unilaterally decided to hold it in a virtual format.

The Commission decided questions about Trump’s health after he was diagnosed with COVID-19.

Shortly after, Biden scheduled his meeting with voters on ABC, and the debate was later officially canceled. Another debate between them is still scheduled for October 22, 12 days before the election.

NBC reported that it agreed to broadcast the meeting with Trump only after it received independent evidence that the President does not pose a threat to the health of voters who will come to the meeting, as well as the film crew and moderator.