Instagram launched Reels in India. TikTok banned there a week ago

Instagram launched Reels short music video editor in India. They plan to replace them with the TikTok social network, which the country’s authorities blocked a week ago.

Following the decision of the Indian authorities to ban TikTok and dozens of other Chinese applications for privacy reasons, Instagram decided to launch TikTok rival Reels in this country. This is a feature for editing 15-second music videos.

Now Instagram Reels works in Brazil, France, and Germany. But an Instagram spokesman noted that soon this feature will be launched in several more countries. However, the launch will be a test and may close the function in the future.

Earlier, Indian authorities blocked WeChat, TikTok, and dozens of Chinese applications. The media attribute this ban to a military clash that occurred on the border of the two countries.

Officials explained this by the fact that the applications “are engaged in activities that damage the sovereignty and integrity of India, the country’s defense and the security of state and public order.” According to them, they received many reports that the data of citizens are in danger and transferred to the wrong hands.

TikTok, Club Factory, UC Browser applications in total used by about 500 million users per month. 27 of 59 applications in May 2020 were among the hundred most popular for devices on Android.