InSight probe repaired, giving the command to hit himself with a bucket

NASA researchers repaired the InSight probe, instructing him to hit the bucket. They hope that now the device will be able to measure heat fluxes from the bowels of the planet.

NASA researchers said that the InSight probe, which is located on the surface of Mars, encountered a problem during a mission to explore the planet. The excavation drill, which was designed specifically to dig the planet’s surface in the likeness of a jackhammer, is stuck. The incident was associated with the fact that the soil of Mars turned out to be much tougher than scientists expected.

After several unsuccessful attempts to pull it out, scientists from NASA decided to use other methods. They instructed the machine to hit itself with a bucket, hoping that this would help free the InSight drill.

Programming an InSight manipulator to hit yourself with a bucket was a risky and final method to free the drill, engineers explained. The device could damage the fragile power and communications lines that were attached to its chassis. Engineers spent several months simulating before making a real attempt.

Now NASA is hoping that InSight will be able to complete its research mission. To do this, the device needs to drill a 5 m deep well and analyze the temperature fluctuations inside the Red Planet in order to understand how much the core of Mars resembles the core of the Earth. Earlier, experts from NASA said that they would put pressure on the drill so that it would go deeper into the ground and not pop up. In addition, they will fill the well to improve traction.

Author: Flyn Braun
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