InSight probe again records two strong seismic shocks on Mars

Two new cases of seismic activity on Mars were recorded by the NASA InSight probe: they reached a magnitude of 3.3.

According to the press service of NASA, the tremors recorded on March 7 and 18 indicate that the Cerberus Fossils are an area of ​​seismic activity. Seismic tremors reached magnitudes of 3.3 and 3.1.

Scientists believe that Elysium is one of the youngest volcanic regions of the Red Planet. The traces of individual eruptions in the southern part of the highlands are estimated to be “only” a few million years old.
NASA press release
More than 500 tremors have already been recorded in the area before, but the four above are of particular interest to scientists due to their relatively large magnitude.

According to scientist Taichi Kawamura of the Paris Institute of Earth Physics, the mission observed two types of “Marsquakes” that are similar to those of the Earth and the Moon.

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