Insider: Stephen King is working on a sequel to “It”

Over the decades of his writing career, Stephen King has created many works that are intricately intertwined with each other. However, he never aspired to write direct sequels to already completed works. But The Vulcan Reporter reports that the writer is currently working on a sequel to It, which was released in September 1986. The site has not previously disclosed confirmed inside information and does not disclose the source of its information, so the reliability of the news is unknown. The news reports:

I learned that Stephen King is working on a sequel to his novel It. Little is known about this sequel yet. The action will take place in the same world as the other books by Stephen King. The novel will have a special focus on drugs, which makes sense given that the sequel to It is also heavily drug-focused.

It is known that the two films “It” was successful both financially and critically. If inside information turns out to be true, it can be assumed that Warner Bros. will want to release the third film, filming King’s new novel. Therefore, it is worth watching for news about what the writer is currently working on.