Insider spoke about Halle Berry’s private life

Oscar winner and energetic charisma Halle Berry has long avoided romantic relationships. Friends talked about the difficult experience of past novels, Holly herself preferred to remain silent or laugh it off.

The situation changed this fall and went through several stages of Instagram intrigue. At first, 50-year-old Holly hinted at the end of a solitary phase of her life without any details. Then the star claimed that she gained confidence: “Now I know for sure that I have found the right person.” Finally, in October, Berry announced “a hot photo with her man, who will wish me a happy birthday like a man,” and did not deceive … but did not clarify either.

In pictures taken a month ago in one of the fashionable hotels in Las Vegas, Berry is really captured with a man, and even in bed! However, only Holly’s slender legs, intertwined with the legs of the so far lucky anonymous, got into the frame.

Finally, in November, the star announced that she was extremely happy with singer Wang Hunt and posted a photo together. A close friend of the flamboyant couple (on the right of anonymity) told Us Weekly: “Van Hunt is a wonderful and caring person … he taught Holly to love and be loved again, he turned her negative experience and the chemistry of their relationship just rolls over, especially when you feel this love nearby”.

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