Insider reveals details of Scarlett Johansson’s third wedding

Scarlett Johansson and her beloved Colin Jost have recently become husband and wife. The close relationship between the actress and the host of Saturday Night Live began in 2017, but they’ve known each other for over 10 years.

An insider spoke about Scarlett and Colin’s wedding. The closed ceremony took place at the actress’s house in the suburbs of New York. A source from the couple’s entourage says that it took them very little time to prepare. The party was held in the backyard of Scarlett’s house, which has a patio, a large swimming pool, and beautiful views of the Hudson River.

“They planned everything in a few weeks. The wedding was attended only by their relatives and close friends, ”– said an informant for People magazine. He noted that Johansson and Jost initially wanted to hold a quiet ceremony in a circle of loved ones, and they succeeded.

After the wedding, Scarlett and Colin talked about their marriage to the charity organization Meals on Wheels, which provides food for the elderly and disabled people, on Instagram. After announcing the marriage, the couple asked those who were not indifferent to donate to this organization as a wedding gift.

Earlier, Colitis Jost in an interview with Howard Stern admitted that he was worried about the fact that his beloved is more famous than him. Howard asked Colin if he was worried about becoming known as the boyfriend of a Hollywood actress. “Yes. I definitely thought about that. I was worried about my personality, ” Colin replied. Jost admitted that he once did not go with Scarlett to an important star event, because he needed to be on Saturday Night Live. “You need to preserve your individuality and do your job,” said the TV presenter.

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