Insider on Rihanna and A $ AP Rocky’s romance: ‘He’s been in love with her for years’

In early December, insiders confirmed rumours about the romance of 32-year-old Rihanna and rapper A $ AP Rocky, which have been around since the beginning of the year. Now, more and more details of the relationship of the star couple appear in the press. So, yesterday a source said in an interview with People that now Riri and Rakim Myers (the real name of the 32-year-old rapper. – Ed.) Enjoy each other’s company and practically do not part.

They have been inseparable for the past few weeks. They always had a great time with each other. They have a lot in common. Rihanna likes her lover’s attitude to charity. A $ AP Rocky is as generous as Rihanna herself. Many speak of him as a great guy, – said the anonymous author.

Another source in an interview with Us Weekly said that Rakim had been in love with Rihanna for many years and all this time he was waiting for her to reciprocate. According to the insider, for a long time, the singer brushed aside the rapper’s advances, but in the summer their relationship nevertheless developed into a romantic one.

Everything changed over the summer. Since then, they started dating, – said the insider.

Recall that Rihanna and A $ AP Rocky worked together on the song Cockiness in 2012, and toured extensively together over the next year. This summer, the rapper took part in an advertising campaign for Rihanna’s skincare brand Fenty Skin, thereby only fueling rumours of their romance.

It is known that before the affair with the rapper, Rihanna had been dating billionaire Hassan Jamil for several years, and was also in a relationship with Drake, Chris Brown and racer Lewis Hamilton. A $ AP Rocky’s celebrity friends included models Diane Sodre and Chanel Iman, rapper Iggy Azalea and reality TV star Kendall Jenner.

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