Insider on Justin Bieber, Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez’s love triangle: ‘They’re all tired of it’

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, whose love story has experienced many ups and downs, finally broke up a few years ago. From that moment, the singer managed to fall in love with Hailey Baldwin, propose to her and even tie the knot. Nevertheless, Selena’s shadow continues to be invisibly present in the couple’s relationship.

Many fans of the union of Bieber and Gomez still cannot come to terms with their separation and continue to compare the singer’s former lover with the current one, now and then pointing out to Justin that he made a mistake. Hayley suffers from this too. Recently, one of Selena’s fans even organized a hate attack on Hayley’s page on social networks: she and her followers pointed out to the singer’s wife that “Selena is better.”

Recently, an insider spoke to the editors of ET talk show how Justin, Hayley and Selena actually feel about the constant provocation from fans. According to him, absolutely all the participants in this “love triangle” are already tired of this story and want to leave it in the past.

Both Selena and Justin and Haley are absolutely all tired of the attacks from fans. It’s terribly exhausting for everyone. They just want people to leave this story in the past, and they themselves could move on without focusing on the negative and already lived situations, – said the anonymous author.

We will remind, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez began dating in their teens. Their relationship was like a roller coaster: they parted, then converged again, and the final point was set only in 2018. After that, Gomez repeatedly admitted that she suffered a lot in these relationships, and called them abusive.

Soon after breaking up with Gomez, Justin had an affair with Hailey Baldwin, whom he had known for many years, and after a short time proposed to her. In 2018, the star couple signed, and a year later they played a magnificent wedding in South Carolina.

Selena, after breaking up with Justin, has not yet been seen in a serious relationship. In her interviews, the singer admitted that she is very comfortable being alone. At the same time, in early December, rumours appeared in the press that Gomez had been dating basketball player Jimmy Butler for several months. These conversations have not yet received official confirmation.

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