Insider comments on rumors about Zoe Kravitz and Channing Tatum romance

Zoe Kravitz filed for divorce from her husband Karl Glusman on December 23, and rumours have already surfaced that she is dating a new lover.

On social networks, they say that the actress of the series “Big Little Lies” allegedly has an affair with actor Channing Tatum, with whom they voiced the animation project “The Lego Movie: Batman”.

However, an insider for the People edition denies such rumours, stating that colleagues are not dating, but “are working together on a new project.”

Recall that Zoe Kravitz and her husband Karl Glusman have been in a relationship since 2016, and got married in June 2019. The wedding was played in Paris, at the house of the father of actress Lenny Kravitz.

In the summer, Zoe, in honour of her family life’s anniversary, published a black and white photo from the wedding celebration on the social network. But soon the couple broke up; their marriage lasted only 18 months.

And Kravitz, after publicly declaring her divorce, posted on her personal blog an eloquent post with a meme of a transvestite who puts a bag of trash in a container, captioning it: “People, places and things that no longer serve my greatest and highest good.”

But even though the former lovers broke up and deleted all joint photos on their Instagram pages, they maintained a warm relationship with each other.

If anything, Zoe Kravitz continues to describe her ex-husband as one of the “kindest people” she has ever met.

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