Infected with coronavirus Berlusconi was discharged from the hospital

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who was infected with the coronavirus, was discharged from the San Raffaele hospital in Milan, where he was admitted on September 3.
After leaving the medical facility, the 83-year-old politician made a short speech to the gathered supporters and TV journalists.

“Thank you for coming. This was the most dangerous test of my life, “said the leader of the Forza Italia party.

In a five-minute speech, Berlusconi thanked Italian politicians who had expressed support for him after the infection, noting that it “allowed him to overcome the most difficult moments, which were very many in the first three days.”

“My thoughts are primarily with the many COVID cases and their families. Each of us is at risk of infecting others, and I once again call on everyone to take full personal and social responsibility,” the politician said.

According to Berlusconi, an analysis of his test showed that the viral load on the body was the highest of the tens of thousands of people observed in a Milan hospital. “Fortunately, when I was told this, I was already recovering from bilateral pneumonia, which turned me into a patient at the highest risk,” Berlusconi said.

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