Indonesia has officially changed the status of the missing submarine

Indonesian rescuers found several items in the sea that relate to parts and equipment of the Indonesian Navy diesel submarine that disappeared on April 21 north of the island of Bali; the submarine is officially considered sunken, the Indonesian news agency ANTARA reported on Saturday.

The chief of the General Staff of the Indonesian Navy, Admiral Yudo Margono, said that among the items found were parts of equipment intended for servicing the submarine’s torpedo tubes, a can of lubricant for the periscope, fragments of a product made of a fire-resistant sponge, Muslim prayer mats and a fragment of the cooling system casing.

Since the objects pulled out of the sea were most likely on board the missing boat and could not be in the water without the formation of holes in the hull of the submarine after their discovery, the status of the boat was changed from” missing” to “sunken,” the admiral stressed.

According to local media, Margono told about the planned attempt to lift the boat, which was on the ground at a depth of 850 meters, which is 250 meters deeper than the maximum diving depth of this submarine. True data on the fate of the crew is not yet available, as the bodies of sailors or fragments of submariners ‘ uniforms in the water in the area of the death of the boat were not found, the admiral concluded.

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