Indian authorities will use face recognition at rallies

Indian authorities will use face recognition at rallies. The government previously stated that they have no plans to identify politically active citizens.

In February, the capital of India experienced a wave of riots. 53 people became victims, many others were injured.

Now, Indian Interior Minister Amit Shah said that during the investigation, the government identified 1,100 rioters using a face recognition system. He also noted that the police will use an identification database to identify protesters in the future.

Indian authorities also used the e-Vahan national vehicle database to capture the perpetrators. “The police were recording video of the riots. After we received the video, we used the software to match faces with photos in the e-Vahan database to identify suspects, ”the report said of a senior police officer in Delhi.

Previously, the police said that they only compare persons with databases of criminals and missing people. They also claimed that they did not use the system to identify protesters. Activists have concerns that this system is also used to spy on citizens who express disagreement with the authorities.

Last month, The Ken published a report stating that the government plans to introduce a new bill to identify prisoners and arrested persons that will allow police officers to collect biometric data from citizens they call for interrogation.

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