India to host high-speed internet in 600 thousand villages in a thousand days

In the next thousand days, every village in India will have high-speed Internet access via fiber-optic connections. This was stated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a speech on the occasion of the country’s independence day.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the people on the occasion of the country’s 74th Independence Day and stated that technology will play a big role in the development of the country and the digital education of every citizen. Modi noted that in the next thousand days they will conduct a fiber-optic connection to all villages in the country.

“This will help us develop India even more intensively, so we need to do it quickly. Our goal will be achieved in the next thousand days. In the next thousand days, every village in the country will be connected to an optical fiber, ”Prime Minister Modi said in his speech.

Until 2014, only about 50 large villages were connected to high-speed internet. In the next 6 years, the situation in the country remained practically unchanged – access to the Internet in this part of the country increased by only 7%.

The prime minister also noted that this could lead to a higher threat to cybersecurity and privacy. However, he noted that officials will soon publish new documents to help deal with the increased level of dependence on digital technologies.

Earlier, the Indian authorities blocked WeChat, TikTok, and dozens of other Chinese applications. The media associate this ban with a military clash that took place on the border of the two countries. Officials explained this by the fact that the applications “engage in activities that damage the sovereignty and integrity of India, the country’s defense and the security of the state and public order.” According to them, they received many reports that citizens’ data is in danger and is being transferred into the wrong hands.