India has transferred ten tons of medical aid to Syria

India handed over 10 tons of medical aid to Syria; the cargo arrived at the international airport of Damascus on Board, a flight of the Syrian state airlines, the Syrian newspaper al-Watan reports.

“Ten tons of medical aid from India arrived on Board the plane of the Syrian airline (Syrian air), which arrived from New Delhi along with Syrian students,” the newspaper writes.

The flight was met at the international airport in Damascus by the Deputy Foreign Minister of the SAR, Faisal Miqdad, and the Ambassador of India to the Arab Republic.

Earlier, Syrian Deputy Health Minister Ahmad Khleifavi told about the intentions of the Syrian authorities to sign contracts with India in the health sector soon. Also, according to him, Damascus asked Moscow for a list of medications to fight the coronavirus. They are currently being discussed for delivery to Syria.

In Syria, since June, there have been problems with the production of medicines due to a lack of components. This is due to the new us sanctions against Syria. To avoid a shortage, Damascus is holding talks with India, China, Russia, Iran, and some other countries on the supply of alternative medicines or components for their production in Syria itself.