Indexes in the US fell amid disagreements in Congress on measures to stimulate the economy

The Dow Jones is down 102.03 points, while the S&P 500 is down 15.51 points.

Key indexes on the New York stock exchange declined after the session opened on Friday.

According to data on the trading platform website, the Dow Jones index fell by 102.03 points (-0.34%) to the level of 29 89,23. The S&P 500 index, which includes the 500 largest companies in the US market, fell 15.51 points (-0.42%) to 3 652,59. The NASDAQ electronic exchange index fell 59.19 points (-0.48%) to 12 346,62.

The price of January futures for WTI crude oil after the opening of trading fell by 0.02% to $46.76 per barrel. Gold futures rose 0.11% to $ 1 839,70 a Troy ounce.

The mood of market participants was affected by new problems in Congress when discussing a package of measures to stimulate the economy for 900 billion dollars, The Wall Street Journal noted. Senate Republicans on Thursday said they could not agree to certain provisions of the package.

“Investors are counting on developing a package of measures to stimulate the economy,” the newspaper quoted Jeff Mills, head of the Investment Department at Bryn Mawr Trust, as saying. – It is likely that the package will be approved in the coming weeks. If it is not worked out by the end of January, when the New Congress starts working, it will cause concern among market participants.”

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