Indexes in New York changed in different directions on expectations of a period of volatility in the markets

In particular, the Dow Jones index fell to 28 753, 44.

Key indexes on the New York stock exchange on Tuesday at the beginning of the session changed in different directions on expectations of volatility in the markets due to the spread of coronavirus.

According to the information posted on the trading platform’s website, the Dow Jones industrial average fell by 84.08 points (-0.29%) to 28753,44. The S&P 500 index, which includes the 500 largest US companies, fell 1.41 points (-0.04%) to 3532,81. The Nasdaq electronic exchange index rose 32.67 points (+0.28%) to 11908,93.

The price of November WTI crude futures rose 1.67% to $40.10 per barrel. Gold futures fell 1.17% to $1906, 40 a Troy ounce.

As The Wall Street Journal noted, “the second wave of coronavirus, as well as possible restrictive measures of the authorities, create uncertainty among investors.” Another factor contributing to the uncertainty is the upcoming November 3 US presidential election.

“We can expect a period of volatility, especially before the election,” the newspaper quoted Allianz chief economist Ludovic Sabran as saying. “Market participants will focus on the shares of financial sector companies, as well as technology companies, as they will be the locomotives of the market.”