In Wuhan, six new cases of coronavirus were recorded per day. The authorities are preparing for the second wave of the epidemic

In Wuhan, the city where the epidemic of coronavirus infection came from, six new cases of COVID-19 infection were recorded for the first time in the past month. This is written by SCMP.

Six new cases are confirmed in a residential area of ​​Sanming on the outskirts of the city. According to local authorities, one of the patients had contact with a previously identified case of infection with COVID-19, another four people suffered a coronavirus infection without symptoms.

Now the city authorities will check 5 thousand residents of the Sanming district. Those with a negative test result will receive permission to go outside the area and continue their work.

Currently, Wuhan is still facing enormous complexity in controlling the situation. We must always remember that we must control both imported and local cases of COVID-19 infection.

Chinese doctors

There are 82,918 cases of COVID-19 infection and 149 active cases of the disease in China today. Moreover, almost all cases of coronavirus infection in the country are now brought in by residents from other countries.

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