In Wuhan, a new person infected with coronavirus was found in a severe condition

In the Chinese city of Wuhan, which became the epicenter of the coronavirus, one new case of the disease was confirmed in a day. This is reported on the website of the National Health Commission of Hubei province.

The patient is in serious condition. Also, 17 new asymptomatic infected people were identified in Hubei, and 616 carriers of the virus remain under medical supervision. Since the beginning of May, no new cases have been detected in the province, only those infected without symptoms.

In just a day, 14 new cases of the disease and 20 asymptomatic infected people were diagnosed in China. 794 carriers of infection are under medical supervision, including 48 imported cases of poisoning.

At the end of April, the official representative of the national health Commission Hubei Ministry of Finance reported that there were no patients with coronavirus left in Wuhan.

The number of people infected with coronavirus worldwide exceeded 4 million people, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

The number of victims of the disease in the world has grown to 277.8 thousand. At the same time, 1.34 million people recovered.

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