In Wuhan, 14 million people are testing COVID-19 in 10 days. The authorities are afraid of the second wave of the epidemic

The authorities of the Chinese city of Wuhan, from where the spread of a new type of coronavirus infection began, will test 14 million people for COVID-19 over the next 10 days. Large-scale testing will begin due to the identification of new cases of coronavirus, writes SCMP.

In Wuhan, they will test both local residents and visitors from other regions and suburbs. Thus, the city authorities are trying to prevent a new wave of coronavirus infection, the newspaper notes.

Over the past day, six new cases of coronavirus infection have been reported in Wuhan – for the first time since early April. At the same time, in early May, local authorities announced that there were no people left with coronavirus infection in the city. It is believed that new cases of COVID-19 infection are brought in by residents of other countries from other countries.

In total, in Wuhan since the beginning of January, when the pandemic of the coronavirus infection began, more than 1 million people were tested for COVID-19. The city was the epicenter of the development of the disease – according to official data, more than 50 thousand people fell ill in it and 3.5 thousand inhabitants died.

There are 82,919 cases of COVID-19 infection and 115 active cases of the disease in China today. At the same time, it is possible that after testing 14 million people, this figure can grow significantly.

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