In Washington, they strengthen security measures, fearing a new assault on the Capitol

Security measures at the congressional building in Washington have been strengthened due to operational information received that a certain group plans to attack it again on March 4.

The security service announced the strengthening of the “physical infrastructure” and the deployment of additional staff.

The House of Representatives canceled its session on Thursday, but the Senate decided to work as usual.

Former CIA director Leon Panetta called the alarm reinsurance, explaining that this is normal for intelligence agencies.

On January 6, when Congress officially approved the presidential election results, militant supporters of Donald Trump stormed the Capitol. Five people were killed, including an officer of the Congressional Police protection unit.

Until 1933, the inauguration of American presidents was held on March 4. The most radical supporters of Donald Trump believe that on this day, he will return to power.

“At the end of February, an unidentified extremist group discussed a plan to take over the Capitol on March 4 and disperse Democratic lawmakers, having previously invited thousands of their supporters to go to Washington to participate,”

the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security said in a statement.

The authorities do not name specific suspects, but the media link the information to supporters of QAnon — a conspiracy theory that Donald Trump is allegedly leading a secret war against a sect of satanist pedophiles entrenched in the American government, business, and the media.

In late February, acting Capitol security chief, Yogananda Pittman said that Trump supporters allegedly want to blow up Congress and kill lawmakers.

At the same time, an FBI official told the Washington Post that the agency was aware of the discussion of the March 4 date on social networks but had no reliable information about the plot or the impending violence.

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