In Venezuela, 66 participants of the operation to overthrow Maduro were detained

Venezuelan Prosecutor General Tarek William Saab said that law enforcement officers detained a total of 66 people involved in the events of May 3, when local self-defense forces partially destroyed a group of mercenaries trying to enter the country by sea.

The Venezuelan interior Minister said on May 3 that the authorities prevented a sea invasion by militants on speedboats from Colombia in the state of La Guaira, eight attackers were killed. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that the purpose of the invasion was to kill him, and among the detained participants in the attack – two US citizens, whom he called members of the personal security of the American President. The authorities of the United States and Colombia said they had nothing to do with these events.

“At the moment, 66 people involved in these events have been arrested and are under the authority of justice. 99 arrest warrants have been issued, of which 63 are still pending. Let me remind you that many of these people are located outside the country between Colombia and the United States of America,” the Prosecutor General said during a speech broadcast by VTV.

The Prosecutor General added that during 11 interrogations, the organization responsible for financing logistics, food, and renting training camps for mercenaries was identified-the Venezuelan Futuro Presente Foundation, against whose employees arrest warrants will also be issued.

The Venezuelan Minister of communications and communications, Jorge Rodriguez, previously disclosed details of a 41-page agreement with the silver corp PMC, which, according to him, was signed by opposition leader Juan Guaido and two internationally wanted politicians – opposition MP Sergio Vergara and political consultant from Miami Juan Jose Rendon. The document provides that militants to kill the top leadership of the Republic can stay on the territory of Venezuela for more than 400 days and have permission to destroy buildings, including government buildings. The total amount of the contract is 212.9 million us dollars.