In two years, more than 100 small meteorites fell on the moon

In two years, more than 100 small meteorites fell on the moon. Such data are provided by researchers from the NELIOTA project, whose main task is to track the meteorite bombardment of a natural Earth satellite using ground-based telescopes. The study is published on the website of the European Space Agency.

The NELIOTA project was launched in 2017 – with the help of a telescope with two high-speed cameras, installed at the Krioneri observatory in Greece, scientists are trying to register flares on the visible side of the moon.

Most of these flares mean the fall of small meteorites onto the surface of the Earth’s natural satellite. Statistics on the frequency, mass and size of such objects will allow us to estimate the number of meteorites that fall on our planet, the researchers said.

Observations under the project began in March 2018, and in March 2020, researchers recorded the hundredth meteorite fall on the moon.

In total, over these two years, scientists conducted about 150.4 hours of observations, for which they managed to collect 118.4 TB of images and record 104 outbreaks. According to the researchers, the mass of all fallen meteorites is extremely small, and their radius is from 10 to 100 cm.

Author: Flyn Braun
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