In Turkey, 15 cases of infection with the “British” strain of coronavirus were identified

In Turkey, 15 cases of infection with a new strain of coronavirus previously detected in the UK were detected. The Minister of the health of Turkey Fahrettin Koca reported this on Twitter.

The head of the Ministry of Health added that entry into Turkey from the UK is temporarily stopped.

According to the state Health administration, a new strain was detected in the US state of Florida. “There is evidence of the first case of infection with the British variety of COVID-19 in Martin County,” the department said. It is reported that the infected man has not recently traveled.

This is the third state where cases of infection with this type of coronavirus have been confirmed. The first was identified in late December in Colorado. Then the case of infection was confirmed in California.

A new strain of coronavirus was discovered in mid-December in the UK. Today it is known that it is more contagious than previously distributed species. At the same time, the mutation does not affect the severity of the disease and mortality.

The “British” strain has previously been identified in some countries, including Denmark, South Korea, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, France, and Japan.

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