In Tokyo opened the world’s largest exhibition of robots IREX

TOKYO – IREX-2019, the world’s largest exhibition of robotics in various areas – from industrial to those that will soon enter our daily lives, opened in Tokyo, reports Smart House

“The main part of the exhibition is industrial and service robots. Now the types of robots are becoming more diverse. Those robots, which we now refer to the service sector, in the not so distant future, will become just household appliances. Sometimes it is said that robots will take work from a person, but we must understand that they will take a monotonous job first. In addition, the work of “three K” – work that is considered dirty, dangerous and heavy (in Japanese it is “kitanai”, “kiken” and “kitsui” – ed.),”- told the head of the organizing committee of the exhibition and President of Yaskawa Hiroshi Ogasawara.

Indeed, judging by the number of robots represented in the automotive industry, very soon monotonous human labor at the Assembly line will take over robots. The audience looked with admiration at the work of eight snow-white robots of NACHI Company on the Assembly line, artistic and harmonious movements of which more resembled the performance of a corps de ballet.
In dangerous areas, robots can replace a person by remote control, when the robot exactly repeats the movements of the human operator, who is at a distance. In the service sector, very soon the robot bartender looks like a person does not look like, will take the order and bring drinks. Now there are talks about buying it for one of the Tokyo bars.

But the exhibition would not be Japanese if only useful robots from a rational point of view were presented here – there was a place for entertainment. Therefore, along with the giants of robotics here, you can see a stand with a toy Panda, the main advantage of which is that it “reads” the facial expression of the interlocutor and she begins to frown or smile in response. The stand of the OMRON Company was very popular, but not the part where the factory shop was practically reproduced, but the table for table tennis, at which a man and a robot fought in an unequal battle. At the same time, the robot allowed himself sarcastic remarks to the athlete “Well, it’s better!”, “As well now matter!” and so on. Success was enjoyed by the robot, which trains everyone to do squats correctly, and then assesses on a 10-point scale.

IREX-2019 is located in the giant exhibition complex Tokyo Big Sight. This year a record number of companies – 637, which placed their exhibits on 3060 stands, attended it. The organizers expect that 130 thousand people will visit the exhibition.

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