In the vicinity of Mexico City found the remains of 60 mammoths over the age of 15 thousand years. They are stuck in the swamps!

In the vicinity of Mexico City, the remains of 60 mammoths over the age of 15 thousand years were discovered. This is stated on the website of the National Institute of Anthropology and History of Mexico.

A team of archaeologists led by Pedro Francisco Sanchez Nava discovered the remains of 60 Columbus mammoths on the territory of an old military base north of Mexico City, which survived until people appeared on the continent and completely disappeared about 11 thousand years ago.


A very long time ago, at the place where the military base is now located, was located the ancient shallow lake Ksaltokan, which attracted herbivores. However, many of them got stuck in mud pits and died, and some of them were finished off and eaten by ancient people. In addition, people could specifically drive mammoths into these traps.

Scientists note that among the remains they find not only the bones of adult mammoths but also cubs. The discovery of Mexican archaeologists will allow you to learn more about the diet of mammoths, the role of people in their extinction and genetic characteristics.

Author: John Kessler
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