In the US, they told how they are preparing a new aircraft carrier for war with Russia

The author of the American edition of The National Interest, Chris Osborne, told how the United States is preparing a new aircraft carrier of the Gerald Ford type for war with Russia and China.

The developers of the ship are making great efforts to ensure that modern aircraft carriers can repel the attack of the enemy, which has a new generation of weapons, the article says.

During the final tests, which took place over 18 months, the crew of the Gerald Ford was assigned the task of repelling the attack of unmanned aerial vehicles, small boats, as well as repel missile strikes and other types of threats that may come from other great powers. Such training will significantly improve the armament of the aircraft carrier, the author notes.

“The aircraft carriers of the future should not only provide air support for military operations in which the United States already has dominance at sea and in the sky. It is necessary to improve them in such a way that the aircraft carriers themselves can defend themselves against attacks from the enemy with high-tech weapons systems,” Osborne said. The current approach of the United States Navy to the modernization of aircraft carriers of the Gerald Ford class indicates that the US military plans to modernize such ships for direct combat operations at sea, the expert concluded.

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