In the US, they fear an unrequited nuclear strike from Russia

The new military strategy of the US Navy does not exclude the “limited” use of nuclear weapons by Russia.

The author of the article, Kris Osborn, emphasizes that this is a strike, in which it will be impossible to take any retaliatory actions. In his opinion, Russia may decide to take such a step, because the United States is simply afraid to react.

“It may be thought that a targeted and destructive nuclear attack from the first strike will help to quickly seize the disputed territory while increasing the level of risk to such an extent that the United States will decide not to respond to avoid a global catastrophe,” Osborn writes, adding that if Moscow thinks in the same way, then this approach of Washington is very risky.

The presence of low-power tactical weapons in Russia and the United States has sparked a discussion about a possible “lowering of the threshold” of nuclear war. Proponents of a strict policy of deterrence, meanwhile, say that the use of any nuclear weapons will entail a deadly counterattack. And the whole message of the American strategy is “destruction” in response, the expert stressed. According to Osborne, the Pentagon is betting on low-power Trident II D5 nuclear warheads, believing that they will help “strengthen Russia’s deterrence” and reduce the likelihood of a full-scale nuclear war. This concept is based on the paradox: “deploy destructive weapons with the specific purpose of never using them,” he concluded.

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  1. Its actually also a scenario that China can take to ‘unify’ taiwan.
    Since Russia and China are allies, its not inconceivable that they could time simultaneous low nuclear yields and create a truly serious ‘poker game’ with the west.


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