In the US, they are looking for a Russian hacker who stole the data of 22 US military personnel

The US Secret Service is looking for a Russian hacker who stole the personal data of 22 US military personnel awarded the Medal of Honor, the Daily Beast reports, citing a statement from the US Secret Service.

According to the publication, the data was stolen to buy expensive goods through a network of retail stores under the jurisdiction of the US Department of Defense. As a result of the cyberattack, the attacker purchased goods worth about 55 thousand dollars. According to the US Secret Service, the purchased goods were sent to 20 different addresses in the United States, and later the packages were sent to Russia.

It is noted that the hacker used intermediaries to deliver parcels with goods to different addresses. According to one of the “couriers,” “he did not know the name of the person for whom he worked,” and his “official” duties included receiving parcels and sending goods to other addresses, both in Russia and inside the United States.

The publication, citing the US Federal Trade Commission, reports that US military personnel are victims of cyber-attacks 76% more often than the civilian population. Last year, the commission received more than 50 thousand complaints of identity theft from military personnel. At the same time, the average damage from fraud was estimated at $ 600, which is about twice the amount that civilians lose on average as a result of identity theft.

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