In the US, the future of the country was determined after the storming of the Capitol

In the United States, they reflected on the Capitol’s storming and protests in the country in 2020 – journalists of The National Interest believe that these events can become the basis for repeating the Weimar Republic path.

“The United States will resemble the Roman Republic of the decline, in which both Cicero and Claudius kept warring gangs attacking each other on the street. Then Weimar Germany repeated all this from beginning to end,” the author of the article is convinced.

The journalist notes that in the country in 2020, there was a collapse of norms. The article also states that in the case of a violent response to political violence, the causes that caused the initial brutality do not go away. The German Social Democrats were convinced of this by their own experience, the author stressed.

“On the contrary, retaliatory violence deepens the initial resentment, and this breeds more and more cruelty,” the journalist noted.

According to the author, the United States is waiting for two ways of development. In the first, the Capitol storming will be the last episode in the “drama of hatred,” in the second – political violence will become the norm, and the country will follow the path of the Weimar Republic, the article says.

The Weimar Republic existed from 1919 to 1933. So historians call Germany of that period according to the democratic constitution adopted in German Weimar.

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