In the US, the court declared Iran’s responsibility for the kidnapping of an ex-FBI agent

WASHINGTON – A court in the United States has ruled that Iran is responsible for “holding hostage and torturing” former FBI agent and alleged CIA informant Robert Levinson, according to a decision by a federal judge in Washington, Timothy Kelly.

The judge said in a 25-page decision that he would satisfy the claim of Levinson’s relatives for lack of action on the part of the Iranian defendant, who did not send representatives to the court. Relatives demanded up to $ 1.5 billion in compensation, but the judge did not address the issue of a specific amount in a document released on Monday.

“No one knows Levinson’s fate. If he is alive, he is being held hostage for the longest time in American history,” the judge said. According to him, Iran is “unequivocally” responsible for this.


The judge also described the moral suffering of Levinson’s s relatives, including his seven children.

Levinson, a former FBI employee, disappeared in 2007 while traveling to Iran. The Associated Press conducted its investigation and concluded that Levinson worked for the CIA in Iran. The Iranian authorities have repeatedly stated that they did not detain Levinson, and denied involvement in his disappearance.

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