In the US, the connection between COVID-19 and inflammatory syndrome in children was confirmed

The US centers for disease control and prevention (CDC) has confirmed that a new inflammatory syndrome detected in children is associated with a coronavirus, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said at a press conference.
“The CDC confirmed the connection to COVID-19. We assumed this, but they did a study to confirm it 100%,” de Blasio said.

According to him, today, the syndrome of the systemic inflammatory response is detected in 145 children in New York. “67 of them have COVID-19 or have antibodies,” the mayor said. One child died.

As previously reported by New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, out of about 100 cases of this syndrome, those who are less than a year old makeup 5%, from 1 to 4 years-18%, from 5 to 9 years-29%, from 10 to 14 years-28%, from 15 to 19 years-16%, from 20 to 21 years – 4%.

Earlier, representatives of the national health system (NHS) of the UK sent a warning to doctors of the country about the growing number of cases when children are admitted to intensive care with systemic inflammatory response syndrome, which leads to abdominal pain and heart problems and may be associated with coronavirus.