In the US proposed to close European ports for Russian ships from the Sea of Azov

Former US Ambassador to Ukraine John Herbst proposed to ban Russian ships that came out of the Azov ports, to enter the ports of Europe and the United States, reports RT.

The report was published on the website of the Atlantic Council a few days before the incident in the Kerch Strait. The document notes that the US and the EU should carefully study the “Kremlin provocations” in the sea of Azov and consider adequate responses.

“It is possible to prohibit Russian ships leaving the ports of the Azov sea, to enter the ports of Europe and the United States, while Moscow prevents Ukrainian shipping there,” the report said.

On Sunday, three ships of the naval forces of Ukraine illegally crossed the border of Russia in the Black sea of the coast of Crimea and, not obeying the requirements of the Russian authorities, headed for the Kerch Strait.

Then vessels of naval forces of Ukraine “Berdyansk”, “Nikopol” and “Yana Kapu” were detained and sent to the port of Kerch. For detention of violators the Russian frontier guards had to use the weapon. A criminal case has been initiated on the fact of illegal crossing of the state border of Russia.
On Monday, the Verkhovnya Rada approved Poroshenko’s decree, according to which the entire territory of Ukraine will be under martial law for 30 days.
Ukraine has repeatedly accused Russia of violating the Treaty on the use of the Azov Sea for checking Ukrainian ships and threatened to strengthen its military presence.

At the same time, according to the agreement on cooperation in the use of the Azov sea and the Kerch Strait, the state border services of both countries have the right to conduct ordinary inspections of the vessels following through it.

Author: Flyn Braun
Graduated from Cambridge University. Previously, he worked in various diferent news media. Currently, it is a columnist of the us news section in the Free News editors.
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