In the US, prisoners tried to get infected with the coronavirus intentionally

Prisoners in Los Angeles County tried to intentionally get infected with the coronavirus to get out of prison early, Fox News channel reports, citing Sheriff Alex Villanueva.

According to the Sheriff, a video from cameras taken last month shows prisoners at the Pitches detention center drinking hot water from one bottle to raise the temperature, and passing a mask to each other. It is noted that at the moment, it is not known whether any of the prisoners had a coronavirus at that time.

“It’s scary to realize that someone will intentionally infect themselves,” the TV channel quotes the Sheriff as saying.

It is reported that a week later, 21 prisoners were found to have COVID-19.

“Before that, we didn’t have (prisoners with) a positive result, but now it has also affected the staff,” the Sheriff said.

The prisoners themselves, according to Villanueva, deny that they tried to get infected intentionally.

According to the latest data, the number of coronavirus infections in the United States exceeds 1.34 million, and more than 80 thousand people have died.

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