In the US, patented a drone to launch from an under-barrel grenade launcher

In the United States, they patented a drone to launch from an under-barrel grenade launcher. This is stated in the patent application of engineers from the US Army Research Laboratory.

The patented miniature drone with wing and paraglider GLUAS (grenade launched unmanned aerial system, unmanned aerial vehicle grenade launcher) can be launched using a conventional 40 mm grenade launcher. It is planned that the military will launch it using a single-shot grenade launcher M79, underbarrel M203 or easel automatic Mk.19.

The drone is a compact projectile that will spread its wings after launch. The device is equipped with a battery that will allow it to stay in the air for up to 1 hour. In addition, the drone will be able to fly to a height of 600 m and a distance of up to 2 km, both independently and under the control of the operator.

The developers intend to equip the drone with a camera, with which the device will be able to carry out operations related to reconnaissance.

Other details of this development have not yet been disclosed, as well as the likelihood of its introduction into the US Army in the coming years.

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