In the US, more than 50 black businessmen accused McDonald’s of discrimination

More than 50 black former owners of the McDonald’s fast-food restaurant franchise have filed a class-action lawsuit in US Federal court, accusing the company of discrimination, USA Today reports.

The lawsuit was filed on Tuesday in the US District Court in Illinois. The plaintiffs are 52 former owners of McDonald’s restaurants, who owned more than 200 fast-food restaurants from 1988 to 2018. According to former owners of already bankrupt restaurants, McDonald’s specifically insisted that they open their restaurants in “dangerous and economically depressed areas.”

The plaintiffs believe that their race was the reason that they were given restaurants in disadvantaged places. Due to the dangerous location, restaurant owners had to increase their security costs, and their income was lower than that of restaurants in more affluent areas.

The former owners also claim that McDonald’s resorted to other forms of discrimination against black entrepreneurs, denying them the financial support it provided to whites, and limiting the ability to purchase restaurants elsewhere.

The authors of the lawsuit demand compensation for damages of 4-5 million dollars each.

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