In the US, it was proposed to mark all broadcast content from foreign authorities

The US Federal Communications Commission has put forward a proposal for special labeling of programs for broadcasting paid for or provided by foreign authorities or their representatives, according to a document on the website of the US Federal register.

“We propose to adopt specific disclosure requirements for broadcast programs that are paid for or provided by foreign governments or their representatives, to eliminate any ambiguity about the source of the program,” the 58-page document says.

In particular, this includes content from the following categories: authorities of a foreign state, a foreign political party, a person registered as an agent of a foreign person, an organization from among foreign missions, and any organization that fits the definition of “foreign media located in the United States.”

The requirement to disclose this information applies to any broadcast television and radio content of these individuals and organizations.

The ad must contain information about whether you were paid to post this content, the name of the person or organization that provided it, and the name of the country to which the program provider belongs.

It is suggested for television to set the font size of such an inscription to four or more percent of the image height and keep it on the screen for at least four seconds.

Notification of the origin of content must appear on the air at least at the beginning and end of programs, the document says. According to the document authors, in programs lasting more than an hour, it should be repeated at least once an hour.

The document is put up for public review and contains questions about the proposals made.

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