In the US, for the first time in 70 years, a woman was executed

US authorities have carried out the first death sentence for a woman in 70 years, The New York Times reports.

Convicted Lisa Montgomery was found guilty of the ruthless murder of a pregnant woman in 2004.

Earlier, it was planned that the sentence would be carried out on December 8 in Indiana. Subsequently, the execution was postponed until January 12 by a court decision. A court in Indiana on January 11 delayed the execution of Montgomery’s death sentence at the federal level due to problems with her mental state. However, the US Supreme Court rejected this decision late on January 12, allowing the death sentence to be put into effect.

Montgomery’s execution was carried out by lethal injection at Terre Haute Prison in Indiana. The woman was pronounced dead on January 13 at 01: 31 local time.

Montgomery’s lawyer, Kelly Henry, said U.S. authorities violated the law by executing her client, who suffered from a “mental illness.”

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