In the US, for the first time in 67 years, a woman is executed

Lisa Montgomery, 52, who was convicted of murdering a pregnant woman and abducting her child, will be executed in the United States. This was reported by the US Department of Justice.
In 2004, Montgomery visited Missouri resident Bobbi Jo Stinnett under the pretext of buying a puppy. She strangled Stinnett, cut her belly open, and kidnapped her baby.

Montgomery pleaded guilty to the crime. In court, her lawyers claimed that she had hallucinations and false pregnancy syndrome, the Associated Press writes.

In 2007, Montgomery was sentenced to death for a kidnapping that resulted in death. A woman is being executed at the Terre Haute prison in Indiana by lethal injection. The execution is scheduled for December 8.

The Montgomery crime is classified as a Federal crime; the punishment for such crimes falls within the jurisdiction of the Federal authorities of the country. The Federal death penalty resumed in the United States in July 2020 after a 17-year hiatus. According to Reuters, Montgomery will be the first woman executed by the Federal government since 1953. Executions of women in authorities of the States took place after 1953.

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