In the US, federal centers allowed vaccinated people to stay in the same room without masks

At the same time, vaccinated people are still encouraged to wear masks and observe social distancing measures in public places.

Experts from the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) believe that vaccinated residents against the new coronavirus can stay in the same room without masks. This is stated in a statement published on Monday.

The new guidelines for “fully vaccinated” individuals note: “You can be in a room with a fully vaccinated person without a mask.” Also, those vaccinated against coronavirus can be kept in the same room without a mask and with those who have not been vaccinated, unless the latter are at risk from the point of view of possible infection and live together.

The CDC calls those who are “fully vaccinated” two weeks after receiving a Johnson & Johnson shot or a second dose of a similar drug from Moderna or Pfizer and BioNTech.

Vaccinated people are still encouraged to wear masks and observe social distancing measures in public places and cases where they meet unvaccinated people who do not live together. In addition, vaccinated people are advised to avoid large gatherings of people, travel around the country and beyond.

The CDC stated that it is “still figuring out to what extent vaccines are effective against the varieties” of the coronavirus. “Initial evidence suggests that vaccines may work against some varieties but be less effective against others,” the statement said.

According to Johns Hopkins University, which conducts calculations based on information from federal and local authorities, more than 29 million cases of coronavirus infection have been detected in the United States. More than 525 thousand people have died. The country ranks first in the world in both indicators.

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