In the US Congress, there was a scandal because of the female form of the word “Amen”

In the US Congress, a word was heard that the speaker mistakenly considered the female form of the word “amen,” which caused outrage among conservatives.

During the recitation of the prayer during the first session of the congress, the reciter standing in the chair (his face is not visible behind the mask) recited a prayer in the name of “the monotheistic God, Brahma and the God known by many names.” He ended with the words: “Amen and a-woman.”

The reader, apparently, in the word Amen (amen), heard the root men (people, men), and he decided to add the word he invented a-women in the framework of gender equality. Thus, the phrase can be translated as “amen and a-women.”

Republican Congressman from Pennsylvania Guy Reschenthaler expressed outrage at such word-formation.

“The opening prayer of the 117th Congress ended with the words’ amen and a-women.’ Amen is a Latin word that means “so be it.” This word has no gender. Unfortunately, the facts don’t matter to progressives (Democrats). Unbelievable,” Reschenthaler wrote on Twitter.

Indeed, the word amen in English means “so be it,” truly, and came into this language from Latin, where it got, in turn, from ancient Greek, and in ancient Greek – from Hebrew, in which the Old Testament is written.

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