In the US, called for the widespread wearing of masks outside the home

The disease control and prevention (CDC) first advocated for “universal” wearing of masks.

The centers for disease control and prevention (CDC) announced that the US had entered a “high-risk phase of coronavirus transmission” due to cold weather forcing Americans to spend more time indoors.

For the first time, the SDS called for the “widespread use of masks” indoors and outside the home. CDC chief Robert Redfield called masks “the most important public health tool” to fight the coronavirus’s spread.

The CDC previously recommended wearing masks in busy public places. The report stressed that wearing masks is still most important indoors and outdoors when it is impossible to maintain social distance. Wearing masks at home is recommended if a family member is ill or has an increased risk of illness, for example, if their profession is associated with the risk of infection.

In the United States, 277 thousand people became victims of COVID-19, and almost 14.3 million cases were registered. According to the CDC, in about half of cases, the infection source is people who carry COVID-19 asymptomatically.

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