In the US and Canada launched an action for children with autism ” Silent Santa”

The traditional pre-holiday meeting with Santa Claus takes place in a low-noise environment.

In early December, in the US and Canada launched action Silent Santa . The event for children with autism in a number of shopping centers will last until Christmas. The traditional pre-holiday meeting with Santa Claus takes place in a low-noise environment, each child receives a souvenir photo. WSBT 22 and CBC News told ABOUT the events in the American city of Mishoka and the Canadian city of Regina.

Children diagnosed with autism have features of sensory perception (associated with the senses-approx.+1). To meet with the Christmas character did not cause them stress, special calm conditions were created, without distracting objects, sounds and even smells. The event was held early in the morning, before the opening of shopping centers, when they do not have buyers and do not sound Christmas music. At a meeting with the children, Santa Claus did not utter the usual phrase ” Ho! Ho! Ho!” so as not to scare the little visitors.

The organizer of the action in Regina was Autism Resource Center (autism Resource center). Before the meeting, experts instruct the actor, depicting Santa Claus, and the photographer.

Each child could spend 10 minutes in the company of silent Santa Claus. The schedule of the visit was made in advance, some families had to sign up for the waiting list.

“We give families who have children with autism or other sensory needs the opportunity to come and take pictures with Santa. And to do it in special conditions, when there are quiet and few distractions,” said Kelly white, Executive Director of Autism Resource Centre.

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