In the US, almost 30 million voters voted early

Meanwhile, on Monday, polling stations also opened in Florida.

Amid the pandemic, almost 30 million Americans have already taken advantage of the opportunity to vote early, which is a record number. On Monday, polling stations opened in another key state, Florida.

President Donald Trump is holding campaign rallies in Arizona on Monday, first in Prescott and then in Tucson.

During a conference call with his campaign staff, the President showed characteristic self-confidence, although opinion polls show that he is lagging behind democratic rival Joe Biden.

“We will win,” he said. “Two or three weeks ago, I wouldn’t have said that.

According to the University of Florida election observation project, by Monday afternoon, more than 29.6 million votes were registered in 44 States and Washington, either by mail or in person.

This represents more than 21 percent of the total number of votes cast in the 2016 election when more than 136.6 million Americans voted. In 2016, 5.9 million votes were cast ahead of schedule 16 days before the election.

At the same time, it seems that the Democrats are particularly enthusiastic. In States that report on voters’ party affiliation, almost 54 percent of ballots were received from those registered as Democrats, and only 25 percent from Republicans.