In the US, a man was stabbed in a fight between opponents and supporters of Trump

One person was stabbed in the back and was hospitalized due to a clash in Washington between supporters and opponents of the current US President Donald Trump, the Washington Post reported, citing a fire department representative.

As the correspondent reported, on Saturday, Trump supporters held a rally in the American capital in support of the country’s current leader. Throughout the route and in places of meetings, streets were blocked, and reinforced police squads were on duty.

According to the publication, at 8 pm local time, a confrontation broke out between Trump supporters and opponents, and the Republicans were armed with batons, five blocks East of the White House. The groups fought for several minutes before the police arrived.

“According to a representative of the district of Columbia fire Department, a man in his 20s was stabbed in the back during the fight and was taken to the hospital with serious injuries,” the newspaper writes.

However, it was not without other victims on Saturday: in the US capital, “two irreconcilable versions of America” appeared, and although the actions were mostly peaceful, clashes still broke out, the publication points out. According to the newspaper, “there were bloodied people on both sides,” at least 10 people were detained. Two officers were injured in the riots.

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