In the US, a farewell to Daunte Wright was held

About 100 people attended the ceremony.

The funeral of black Daunte Wright, who was shot by police officer Kim Potter during the arrest on April 11, was held on Thursday in Minneapolis (Minnesota) with the participation of stars, politicians, and prominent public figures.

Minneapolis was attended by about 100 people – for comparison, even at the Academy Awards this Sunday; it is planned to allow no more than 170 guests. Among them was one of the leading fighters for the rights of blacks in the United States, preacher Al Sharpton, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, and state Senator Amy Klobuchar.

Sharpton, who critics previously attacked for flying to Minnesota on a private jet, gave a speech in which he stressed that there would be no peace on the streets of American cities without justice. At his call, the crowd chanted, “Daunte Wright’s life matters.” Klobuchar said that “real justice will not be done while black Americans will die at the hands of police officers twice as often as others.”

Grammy winner Keyon Harrold also attended the funeral.

The farewell was held in a calm atmosphere. When Wright’s coffin was carried out of the church and loaded onto a hearse to be taken to Lakewood Cemetery, dozens of people escorted him, blocking the road. The police partially blocked traffic on the adjacent street for the passage of the column. In addition to the police, both the church’s farewell ceremony and the motorcade were guarded by several armed men in black and unmarked bulletproof vests.

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